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Monday, August 8, 2011

Semi French Films

Semi French films - films Speaking of spring, the French state is one of the warehouse. Well to continue the previous post about the movies spring, both best film and also film Semi semi Japan who had been posted through this blog, so this time we will discuss about the movie semi France.

For the friends of the curious to find out a list of movies spring from France, then in this post I will share a variety of titles from the French film Semi.

Here is a list of semi-French film more that I can serve in this post:


The film starring Camilla Belle. Produced in 2009.

2. Golden Girl

The film stars Lisa Belle (Crawford) and Rachel Guenot. Produced in 2001.

3. How To Seduce a Virgin aka Plaisir à 3

-Alice Arno
-Martine Bressac
-Alfred Baillou
-Malou - The Gardener
-Tania Busselier
-Lina Romay
-Howard Vernon
-Robert Woods
-Charles Bressac

Production Year: 1974

4. Starring Emmanuelle Sylvia Kristel. Produced in 1974

5. Emmanuelle 7: The Meaning of Love

Starring by:
-Krista Allen
-Paul Michael Robinson
-Demian Tiendra
-Brad Nick'ell
-Kimberly Rowe
-Timothy On Pri
-Lori Morrissey
-Holly Hollywood
-Reginald Chevalier
-Lee McHugh

Production Year: 1994

That's some semi-French film that I can share in this post. If there will be updated again kesemptan information about films in NewsFilesId semi only.


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